make an impact to the future, even it’s small

I believe that through technology, people can increase productivity, be more connected without barriers of time and space, and have more freedom to pursue what they're passionate about. Blockchain is one such example. Individuals work from all over the world to collaborate and interact with each other for short-term goals and long-term vision.

I work on projects that benefit humanity and empower individuals to pursue their calling. I am interested in:

  • anything about startups, entrepreneurs, innovators, and makers

  • legal tech

  • FinTech

  • blockchain

  • learning and coaching

  • team collaboration platforms and tools


Advisor: I work with early-stage startup founders as an advisor. I provide them mentorship and advice on strategy, business development, fundraising, hiring, legal expertise (China) and compliance. I connect founders with investors, customers, business partners, key talents, legal and other professionals they may need.

Consultant: I work with founders, fund managers, and business leaders on a project- or deal-basis. I advise on deal structure and negotiation strategy. I assist in drafting and revising key terms, and participate in deal negotiation and closing. For international expansion projects (go-to-China or go-to-U.S.), I work as part of the launch team to deliver the launch plan. 

Business partner: I always look for opportunities that align with my vision, interest, and strength which can also have synergy with ExtendNode. I hope to partner with the team in long term with substantial commitment. It can be a partnership or full-time work.

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I started ExtendNode in August 2019, with a belief that everyone can become an entrepreneur and with a mission to empower entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. ExtendNode currently focuses on sharing educational know-how and inspirational stories written for and by founders, business leaders, and investors on Medium. A bigger goal for ExtendNode to achieve is to develop into a community where entrepreneurs and makers can find resources like knowledge, partners, investors, customers, teammates to launch and grow business. The themes ExtendNode include "how-to" about startup (launch/fundraising/growth), the Asia market, women in leadership, and inspirational stories.

If you write about any of these topics and want to share your insights and stories through ExtendNode, check it out on Medium for submission.